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1642 East 56th Street, Chicago, IL, USA

Job Type



About the Role

As a Host/Hostess you'll be the gracious host who sets the tone for our guests' dining experience. Your warm welcome and attention to detail will ensure that every guest feels like they've arrived in a tropical paradise.

Key Responsibilities:

- Guest Greeting: Welcome guests with a warm and friendly demeanor, escorting them to their tables.
- Reservations: Manage reservations and waitlist efficiently, ensuring timely seating.
- Seating Arrangements: Coordinate seating to balance server workloads and optimize the guest experience.
- Menu Presentation: Offer menus, explain daily specials, and answer guest inquiries.
- Guest Assistance: Respond to guest requests and accommodate special seating preferences.
- Maintain Lobby: Keep the lobby area clean and organized, creating a welcoming ambiance.
- Team Collaboration: Communicate with waitstaff and kitchen to ensure smooth table turnover.
- Reservation Management: Keep track of reservations and update the seating chart as needed.


- A friendly and welcoming personality with excellent communication skills.
- Ability to multitask and remain composed during busy shifts.
- Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.
- A passion for providing exceptional guest service.
- Prior experience as a Host/Hostess is a plus.

Needed Certifications

Basset Certification and Food Handler Certification

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